What we do






A Home

We provide a safe haven where children can be children, they no longer have to worry about their next meal or live in fear. 


A Family

Growing up an orphan can be desperately lonely, at Greensleeves Children's Trust not only do they each have 47 new siblings but they live in a family environment and grow up encouraged, supported and loved.


A future

Our aim is that every child in our care will be equipped with the skills and ambition to bring positive change into their communities, country and continent. 






2 safe houses on site, ran by 'house-mothers'


1 mission school that provides primary education, through a team of 6 teachers


A dedicated team of 7 aunties who work on rotation to provide for our children's physical needs


1 faithful board of trustees, who guide and support us


A large and varied team of social workers and therapists that work with our children to overcome the scarring and trauma of their pasts.

The blessing of overseas and local volunteers who provide activities, programmes, support and a caring heart 






















We exist as a Non-profit Organisation (NPO) and currently receive no government funding.


We rely solely on the generous hearts of people who hear the plight of the orphan and the vulnerable and enable us to be the hands and feet. 


Our monthly running costs are approximately 180,000 Rand. 


As a grassroots organisation, the money you donate will go straight into the lives of our 48 children and will enable us to grow and support more children.


Greensleeves is in a time of financial strain, so if you would like to donate click here, or we would love to hear from you. 







Mission Statement


Equip our children with essential moral values and life skills necessary to grow up to be a generation that will live lives that influence positive change in South Africa

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Beacon Bay, East London

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